Our Focus

Having access to the digital world does not automatically equate to the production of quality images.

We do not just have a “good camera” (or two); and we do not “just photoshop” images. We have knowledge and skill that enables us to produce quality images that represent you, your products, your work environ and services to the world.

If you believe that taking images with your smartphone “will do” for images on your website and social media campaign, then you need to contact us to discover why you deserve more and what this entails by going to our contact form and responding accordingly.

We have a team who can produce high quality pictures of everything from architecture, interior design, business transport and fleet vehicles, jewellery, animals, events and everything in between.  

unique and bespoke

Our Services

Rather than offering off the shelf packages for corporate and product photography, we prefer to design our services around you, your day and the features of your business or orgnisation.

However, as a bare minimum the basis for our initial discussions is to offer the following:

  • The Time-Lord himself, Lord Arwyn Pennington Bailey of Hougan Manor as photographer…
  • At least one pre-shoot meeting and consultation…
  • A document that outlines the storyboard and what we will do for you…
  • A review of your shoot prior to commencing…
  • A full shoot for either half a day or a full day…
  • Your own online web gallery from where you can share the images…
  • Your own online web gallery from which you can download all of the images in three formats including compressed web ready and hi-resolution…
  • The option to order prints from the online gallery…
  • The option to order quality bespoke designed albums to tell the story of the shoot for marketing purposes…

tailored for you

Jewellery, Animals, Food, Products

When you require a plumber you do not engage the services of a landscape gardener or electrician. All are involved in the field of construction, repair, design and maintenance, but, they each own a different skill-set suited to the implementation of defined tasks.

Just as with many trades and professions, certain aspects or subjects of photography may also require a specialist skill set. Because someone can photograph landscapes it does not mean that they can produce images of buildings, products, offices, fleet vehicles or food that are suitable for imagery in a corporate environment.

We have a team of photographers skilled in a wide variety of fields to ensure that we can meet your own commercial media needs.

Please also visit our corporate headshots website by clicking here.

Matching Your Brand

It is important that the imagery used on your website, in social media and in printed material needs to reflect you and your branding.

We are creative and can match any mood or atmosphere in photographing you, your premises, fleet vehicles or products.

We also offer a full video service including licensed  drone pilots. Visit our videography services by clicking here.

getting in touch

Contact Us

If you have any questions please ring us on our landline number: 0203 195 7730.

You can also use our Contact Page to touch base with us by clicking here.

We look forward to hearing from you.